Terms of Service:

Dear DUEL challenger,

Our purpose is to motivate you to change your fitness and health, and in doing so support amazing charities that save lives daily. Change for good.
It is vital to us that the experience is safe, fun and inclusive of everyone, so we have set out conditions of entry and rules we must all abide by.

·        If you are carrying an injury or other condition which prevents you from exercising before the challenge begins, you should not take part in this challenge.
·        You must have clearance from a medical practitioner if you have had a pre-existing condition where exercise is not advisable
·        You are entering the challenge with the understanding that you are responsible for your own exercise and DUEL is not liable for any injuries caused, serious or otherwise.
·        You must be over the age of 18 to take part in a DUEL challenge
·        The challenge promotes a lot of exercise to gain the points necessary to achieve the target, however, it is essential that you exercise sensibly in order not to suffer ‘burn out’ or injury. DUEL recommends 1-2 days per week of recovery/active recovery, depending on exercise experience.

·        We are counting on you to support your fellow challengers and help each other get over the line. Please positively comment,like and motivate others via the Facebook group and in the app.
·        Challengers cannot share their own opinions and views on exercise and nutrition. DUEL or approved DUEL experts must be the only source of educational content. ·        Comments must always be positive and motivational and never accusatory and negative.
·        DUEL will always give special recognition to challengers who are supportive of others. This is crucial to the experience.

·        DUEL welcomes challengers from all backgrounds and current circumstances.
·        DUEL will not tolerate any forms of racism, sexism or any xenophobic views or comments expressed. DUEL will immediately terminate the challenge for anyone expressing such views.
·        DUEL is passionate about a diverse range of exercise experience. DUEL wants to reward the most competitive, but most importantly everyone who achieves the target. Comments should be welcoming of everyone’s attempts and conditioning.

·        DUEL will not accept any product or service selling from any 3rd party on any of our platforms unless prior approval first.

We trust these conditions are clear and reasonable.
Should you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact us on hello@duel.challenge.fit