Welcome back!


Welcome back to the Members Area, which we have recently made more user friendly following various feedback.

How do I navigate the members area?

The new Dashboard will show any relevant announcements made by the Team, a short welcome video just under which is followed by 21 day programs (something which we are working on at the moment and will be launching soon). Under the 21 day programs are the most recent meditation recordings followed by the most recent blog posts.

The Challenge Library is also now accessible for everyone, and is filled with useful information on how to get the most out of each individual challenge. We have extended the Knowledge Base, meaning that you can look up most of your questions on there directly. To access the Knowledge Base, you can either click the Question Mark icon on the left hand side of the screen on any pages of the Members Area or click Knowledge Base in the navigation. If you do still have questions however, you are more then welcome to get in touch with Tech Support by emailing techsupport@duelchallenge.fit.

Donating To Our Charity Partners

Under Profile > Plan, you can add an optional donation to your monthly subscription. The amount that you choose will get unlocked to the charity upon achieving your target, or refunded to your account if you don't achieve your target.

Is there a feature you'd love to see?

If there is something that you would love to see as part of Duel Challenge, you can request features anytime by emailing us at techsupport@duelchallenge.fit.

-- The Duel Challenge Team

Welcome To Duel!

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