Frequently Asked Questions

When is the last challenge?

Challenges start on the 1st of each month for 3 weeks. Entries will close 48 hours prior to the challenge start to allow for belt deliveries. If you have a belt and would like to enter after this time, you must email

Why do challenges last 3 weeks?

Challenges last 3 weeks as it is widely understood that positive habits can be established after 21 days.
In addition, DUEL understands the importance of recovery, therefore, the remainder of the month is left to enjoy rest days or active recovery before beginning the next challenge and going hard again.

Does all exercise activity get logged with a Myzone belt?

All exercise counts other than swimming. Although swimming with the belt on won't break the belt, it will not register any points.
Also note - Exercise in the 'grey zone' (40-60% of max heart rate) will not be counted in this challenge. It is to avoid accumulation of points sitting and walking about generally. DUEL is a fitness based challenge and requires a level of intensity over 60%+

Is DUEL just for fit people?

Most certainly not. In fact, the challenge measures effort level and not fitness level. Unconditioned people will enter the higher heart rate zones faster and will start to acquire the higher point ranges quickly, whereas, conditioned people will be used to maintaining the higher zones for longer.
Additionally, all challengers are placed in one of 3 leagues depending on their level of training commitment, or goal (I.e. strength training will generally generate less points per session than high intensity cardio). See question below re leagues placement.

I don't always do cardio training or high intensity exercise, is this worth doing?

Many challengers acquire points doing walking, hiking or even strength training. Points awarded per minute will not be as high as high intensity training, however, DUEL has had many many challengers achieve the minimum points target through longer steady state exercise.

Is there a minimum and maximum age to enter the challenge?

The minimum age is 16 years old.
There is no maximum age as long as the challenger is declared healthy and has no knowing cardiovascular conditions. Responsibility for the health of the challenger lies with themselves.

What are the 4 leagues & how will DUEL place challengers?

The 4 leagues are Elite (3000+ points p/m) / Premiership (2000-2999 points) / Championship (1100-1999 points) & Foundation (0 - 1100 points)
The 4 levels allow for challengers of different fitness backgrounds, goals and commitment to be placed with people on a similar level.
DUEL places challengers in the appropriate league after the first 7 days, after tracking points to estimate where challengers might finish. Challengers have the ability to be promoted after 7 and 14 days.

What if I become injured or another condition prevents me from completing the challenge?

Any challenger who has suffered an injury or has learnt of a condition meaning that they can not complete any exercise will be given a full refund, if they can provide a medical note to confirm this.
All challengers are responsible for their own level of intensity and exercise selection.

Can I receive a refund if I change my mind?

A challenger can receive a full refund up to 48 hours before the next challenge start date.
Belts can only be returned and refunded if not used, or on a pre agreed loan.

How do I cancel my subscription?

In the members page, simply go to your profile, select billing, & cancel at any time up to 48 hours before the next challenge starts.

How Does Duel Work?

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Why Duel?

DUEL challengers have an average session per week count of 4.6 sessions per week.
Whilst some challengers workout less than this and some higher, it is clear that DUEL's accountability, reward and recognition approach ensures people move 10-20% more than they would do on their own, even if you are a regular exerciser.
DUEL gives your exercise meaning!
It applauds every session you do, and inspires us to move for the plight of others also.
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