Change for good

At the heart of DUEL is the mission to use fitness to help shape the lives of those who are not as lucky as ourselves.

DUEL partners with experts across many fields, such as Yoga, Meditation, High intensity and Boxing, to timetable Live classes, tutorials and interviews in exchange for small charitable donations.
Our partners give their time for free so that we can all help shape the world for the better.

Since DUEL's inception in 2020, thousands of pounds have been raised for charities such as children's hospice's, surf therapies and Christmas present appeals.

Imagine being part of a community that collectively supports shaping a better world, while you shape yourself for the better.

Enter now and make your exercise meaningful.
Change for good.

How Does Duel Work?

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Why Duel?

DUEL challengers have an average session per week count of 4.6 sessions per week.
Whilst some challengers workout less than this and some higher, it is clear that DUEL's accountability, reward and recognition approach ensures people move 10-20% more than they would do on their own, even if you are a regular exerciser.
DUEL gives your exercise meaning!
It applauds every session you do, and inspires us to move for the plight of others also.
Find out the opinion of some of our community in these testimonials.

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DUEL doesn't just attract the attention of amazing new challengers.

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Editorials are added monthly, educating us in all areas of health and wellness, from productivity to fitness performance. Take your education to another level with DUEL.
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