Kettlebell Swing progressions

Check out this video showing 6 variations of the Kettlebell swing.

Kettlebells are famous for developing total body strength and power, perfect for many different sports.

The 'Swing' is the staple move of Kettlebells, from which many other Kb exercises stem from (eg, clean and snatch).

The swing strengthens and lengthens the whole posterior (back) chain from hamstrings all of the way up the back ...... perfect to combat the sedentary lifestyles many live in today.

Many sports rely on the hips, glutes and core to be stable, strong and powerful (sprinting, jumping, leaping...). The swing is great at developing these requirements.

- Choose one of these options to start with.

- Complete 3 sets of 15 reps (1 minute rest in between)

- Practice for 2 weeks

- Progress to next level

- (Practice in a clear environment in case KB slips from hands)

Have fun practicing.

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