Glute loaded lunge progressions

Lunges are a fantastic way to functionally earn rock hard quads and glutes.

However, these lunge variations REALLY load the glutes & show how to progress in to the ultimate athletic power exercise.

By loading the glutes in this way, you'll not only stretch the glutes (including the infamously tight piriformis), but also how to strengthen them.......Ideal for many everyday and sporting activities, from picking loads up, to side stepping in sport, to avoiding injury and tightness of the hips and knees.

- Choose 1 of the 4 options shown to begin with

- Train 2-3 x per week incorporating this exercise

- 3 sets of 20 repetitions (1 min rest in between sets)

- Move on to the next stage

- Enjoy rock hard glutes and quads :)

The DUEL team

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